Our Mission

We believe in a future in which the web is a preferred environment for numerical computation. To help realize this future, we've built stdlib.

Our Mission
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With stdlib, we believe in a future in which Node.js and the browser are the preferred environments for numerical and scientific computation. And we believe that you should be empowered to use precisely what you want and how you want it.

To this end, we've built stdlib, a standard library with an emphasis on numerical and scientific computation, written in JavaScript (and C) for execution in browsers and in Node.js. The library is fully decomposable, being architected in such a way that you can swap out and mix and match APIs and functionality to cater to your exact preferences and use cases.

Have a faster dispatch algorithm for ndarray loop selection? Great! Swap out our implementation and use yours!

Have a more robust pseudorandom number generator (PRNG)? Super! Plug your PRNG into our APIs for generating pseudorandom number variates from various statistical distributions.

Developed an algorithm for more accurately computing the Riemann zeta function? That's awesome! Leverage our infrastructure to create vectorized APIs supporting efficient array computation.

At every level, you are empowered to take control and build your own numerical computing functionality. We recognize that we don't have a monopoly on expertise. Some of our algorithms may not be the fastest. They may not be the most accurate. Nor are they always the most succinct and clever.

But we can assure you that everything that we do is built with a deep empathy for you, the consumer of stdlib. That's made evident in the quality of what we write, both in code and an abundance of documentation, in a painstaking attention to detail, in the prioritization of backward compatibility and stability, even when it means more work and cost to ourselves, and in the dogged pursuit of reworking everything until we get it right.

With stdlib, we never take shortcuts.

When you use stdlib, you can be absolutely certain that you are using the most thorough, rigorous, well-written, studied, documented, tested, measured, and high-quality code out there.

There's never any doubt when you're using stdlib. Everything we do is consistent with who we are and what we believe, forming a consistent whole having one voice and purpose: to write high-quality software to help realize our vision.

So thank you for believing in what we believe and helping bring scientific computing to the web.

Athan Reines is a software engineer at Quansight and core developer of stdlib.

stdlib is an open source software project dedicated to providing a comprehensive suite of robust, high-performance libraries to accelerate your project's development and give you peace of mind knowing that you're depending on expertly crafted, high-quality software.

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